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    Dynamic Perception Merlin Adapter Kit for the MX2

    Our Price:  $32.90

    Exclusive: How to use the Celestron "Merlin" Pan / Tilt Head with the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly from Ron Risman on Vimeo.

    Previously, customers have relied on home-made or expensive one-off custom cables for connecting their Merlin heads to the MX2, but with the Adapter Kit, standard off-the-shelf cables can be used, and can be easily sourced should yours break. Often, small mistakes when making custom cables would result in days worth of trouble diagnosing the issue. The Merlin Adapter Kit eliminates these uncertainties.

    In addition to offering a simple way to connect the two devices, the Merlin Adapter Kit also adds a much needed feature: a power LED for the Merlin telescope heads, which lack one. No more wondering if your Merlin is powered up, or if there are other issues. The LED will let you know that the Merlin has a power source and is on.

    This kit comes with the adapter, a 6" RJ-14 cable, and a 6' TRS 3/32" cable. Should these break or wear out, they are easily sourced online or at local shops for a few dollars.

    1x Merlin Adapter

    1x 6" RJ-14 Cable

    1x 6' TRS 3/32 to TRS 3/32" Cable

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