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    Eizo EasyPIX

    Our Price:  $220.00

    Color Matching Tool

    This color matching tool is ideal for digital SLR camera users looking to match colors between their monitors and photo prints. With the EasyPIX software you can match the monitor's color and brightness with that of the photo paper and then create a monitor profile with the bundled EX1 color sensor. No expertise in color management is required and the profile can be shared with image retouching software to ensure accurate results when printing


    Widescreen Format

    • 29.8" SX3031W

    • 27"SX2762W, SX2761W

    • 24.1"SX2462W, SX2461W, S2433W, S2432W

    • 23"EV2333W

    • 22"SX2262W, S2243W, S2242W, S2233W, S2232Wv

    Touch Screen (Multitouch, Infrared Optical Imaging Technology)

    • 23"T2351W


    Widescreen Format

    • 23" FS2333, FS2332, FS2331
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