1. This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 22 December, 2011.

    Portable Power: 12V 2700mAh Battery Pack

    Our Price:  $79.64

    The Portable Power 2700mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack provides enough juice to run your Stage Zero Dolly for about 10 hours, while being small/light enough to fit in your pocket! Comes with everything you need to start using it with the Stage Zero or MX2, no additional parts required.

    • 1x 12V 2700mAh Battery Pack
    • 1x 110-240V AC Charger
    • 1x 14" 2.1x5.5 mm power cable

    • Power Output 10.8-12V DC 2.5mm jack
    • Size (Battery Pack): 3.75"x2.25"x1" (9.7cm x 6.4cm x 2.5cm)
    • Weight (Battery Pack): 6.85 oz (194g)
    • Capacity 2700mAh nominal
    • Chemistry Lithium Ion
    • Charging 110-240V AC with included charger

    • Standard 12-month warranty applies for all batteries.

    Shipping Note:
    • Due to shipping regulations, we can only ship two batteries per package, and therefore you are limited to purchasing only two battery packs per order. To order more than two battery packs, please submit multiple orders.

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